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Two Nations Film website is no longer here. I am no longer executive producer for Two Nations, and they have a new website. It is here: http://www.twonations.info/home.html



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New Native American, Blues, country, Rock, Southern Rock and Synthesizer music and Cinematic Compositions are being recorded and will be available soon!




Music by Stan Williams Featuring Steve Grisham (Outlaws Band) on Mandolin and Pug Baker (Ghost Riders band) on Drums., Stan Williams Guitars, Bass and Keyboards.Song: Peace Pipe by Stan Williams . set to Photos of the Great Smoky Mountains .
Current BMI Affiliation: BMI CAE/IPI #: 568501730




Music by Stan Williams Feat Pug Baker (Ghost Riders) Drums. Stan Williams Guitars, Bass and Keyboard, The Stratocaster Stan used in this song has some of Steve Gaines’s (original Lynyrd Skynyrd band) Pickups in it and belongs to Steve Grisham (Outlaws Band). | Composed by Stan Williams Current BMI Affiliation: BMI CAE/IPI #: 568501730 Recorded at Mira Vista studios Tampa. Photos by Stan Williams.



Home by Greg T. Walker a founding member of of Blackfoot band, now of Two Wolf band.
A Song Greg T Walker did for the Two Nations movie .





One of my slower tracks.
Music: Last Trail by Stan Williams Featuring Outlaws Band, Ghost Riders, and Blackhawk Band guitarist Steve Grisham:Mandolin and
Ghost Riders band Pug Baker on Drums.
Stan Williams: composer guitars, bass, and keyboards.
Photos by Stan Williams
Original music by Stan Williams BMI.
http://artistpromo.net and http://stans-songs.com
Current BMI Affiliation: BMI CAE/IPI #: 568501730
Last Trail by Stan Williams – LAST TRAIL (Legal Title)
BMI Work #11266236




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